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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Despite significant advances in medicines and scientific technology, there continues to be an increasing trend in the rise of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, allergies, and neurological and autoimmune diseases with no end in sight. Something is missing and a lot of what is missing may be related to our culture’s considerable increase in the consumption of processed and fast foods, a decrease in movement and outdoor activity, and the huge upsurge in time spent behind screens; which frequently replaces physical connections with face-to-face interactions (now even more prevalent due to the confines of the pandemic), and often interferes with sleep patterns.


Our current healthcare system focuses primarily on managing symptoms and lifestyle diseases with medications and surgeries, but spends less time educating patients about the importance of healthy lifestyle and nutritional habits that can improve health outcomes. Functional Medicine, on the other hand, is an individualized, evidence-based approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying the root causes of illnesses rather than classifying and treating symptoms. Functional Medicine practitioners work together with their patients to resolve the underlying causes of disease while promoting optimal wellness through diet and lifestyle change.


As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Jess understands the language and protocols of Functional Medicine and has learned how to support clients in creating sustainable behavior change through developing specific, personalized goals toward better health. Jessica uses her strengths of creativity and curiosity to help with motivation related to making change while educating clients about recipes, diet guidelines, exercises, and lifestyle management tools. With a coaching and counseling background, Jessica also has many tools to support clients in the reduction of stress that could be contributing to disease or accentuating symptoms of illness.