Sat on the Rocks

Outdoor Nature Therapy

Outdoor therapy is especially beneficial in our current climate and Jess uses this approach to integrate nature, movement, and counseling techniques with a therapeutic orientation.


Most of us spend too much of our lives inside behind screens, in our heads, and hyper-focused on ruminating thoughts. Being outside in a beautiful location can help to ease our stress and worry, restore our mood, and refresh and rejuvenate us. Walking can help to ground us into our bodies and into our five senses, supporting us in being more present in the moment.


The freshness of the air, the singing of the birds, and the rustling of the breeze wakes us up to our innate place in nature and, as we allow ourselves to fully feel the temperature of the air, the warmth of the sun, and to take in the smells of the immediate environment, we provide information to our nervous system that communicates that we are safe in this moment. This nature-inspired sense of assurance can allow for a deeper, authentic connection and healing discussions.